Monday, June 20, 2011

What I love about summer

In response to Sunglight After Rain

+fruit, especially strawberries
+no schoolwork (usually)
+going to the market in town
+seeing friends and relatives that live a bit further away
+sleeping in
+turning nocturnal at times
+how the sun barely sets here
+the smell of the forest after rain
+ice tea
+butterflies <3
+going to amusement parks
+ice cream
+seeing friends
+making sand castles at the beach
+going to my stepdad's cabin
+Midsummer's Eve
+how the clouds turn pink
+how everything is greeeeeen
+movie marathons during rainy days
+running in the warm rain
+swimming while it's raining <3
+having time to play videogames
+reading BOOOKS
+sleeping in a tent
+seeing cute little kids play at the beach
+getting to be with my little brother
+having more time for crafts
+getting to be with my Lizbear aka mygirlfriend =3

What about you?

8 Comments So Far:

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your blog. I'm now following. I would love more time for crafts and writing. I hope to read some new books this summer too.

  2. yay! Thanks for the response! :D We have a lot of the same favorites - especially flowers and READING <3

  3. @Miss C: No problem =) That is exactly what summer means for me too, getting to read new books! I'm going through some Japanese authors now and am entranced =P

    @Sarah: You're welcome =D I noticed that too. I love reading. Always nice to meet fellow bookworms ^__^

  4. Fabulous list. Mostly I love the chance to spend more time outdoors and enjoy all the wonders of nature.

  5. Yeah, same here. =) Thanks for commenting.


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