Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favorite Things #1

I made some vegan Chocolate & Cherry Cake today, mostly from the top of my head, basing the recipe on this. I did lots of changes to it, though. But it is YUMMY. So one of my favorite things is BAKING.

I also am DYYING to see Lilo & Stitch and some other Disney films right now, but due to the current (very bad indeed) family situation I cannot watch those. I wants a fluffy Stitch toy!

I have finally overcome writer's block when it comes to my novel, so I am over the moon about it! I just wish I had more time to work in it. 

And what will always be one of my favorite things... LADY GAGA. Her music is a vital part of my survival kit, and even though it hasn't been part of my life for more than a few years it has many many memories attatched to it <3

The best thing about life these days is my babydoll <3 But I'm not sure if she wants her picture over here =3 I'm seeing heeer iiiin... 38 days?

And of course. My man, Eelis. He is the rainbow to my rain, the rawr to my tiger <3 Haha. Bossy little guy, these days. But I love him to death.

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2 Comments So Far:

  1. Followed you from the blog hop!

  2. Sweet little picture of your little man.

    And Lilo and Stitch is a fave in our home. In fact, when i was pregnant with our fourth our third daughter asked if we could name him Stitch.


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