Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Days of Truth: Day 5

Day 5: 
Something you hope to do in your life

And again, my apologies that this is late. I’ve had a tough couple of days. I was up for 35 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday and it has had its toll on my body. I’ve been very very weak and nauseous all the time and have spent most of my time sleeping and crying.

Something I hope to do in life is be completely and utterly happy. I want to get to that place my girlfriend and I have planned in the future, where it is just us and our own place and our doggies (ones I do not get allergic reactions from, let us hope my allergy is gone by then since it is getting better all the time), and everything else we’ve thought of. I think we deserve that. We deserve that and more.

I’m willing to work toward it with everything I have. It is what keeps me going. I’m going over to North Carolina again in the beginning July and staying until the middle of August. I cannot wait to spend the summer with my babydoll =3

I hope to be able to get just the kind of home we want, doesn’t have to be the first one, obviously, money doesn’t grow on trees, but I hope to be able to have that and everything we’ve planned to come along with it. We’ve gone to many details on it but I’ll spare you the icky cuteness. I hope to be able to work in the area I’ve always wanted to, I hope to do well so that we’ll have good standing for a life better than what it has been for the past years for both of us.

It’s funny how everything can be so very wrong and fucked-up and you can still find someone who loves you head to toe and cares about you more than anything. She is my light. If it weren’t for her I’d have been a goner a long long time ago. And even though things are still rough and life puts us through a hell of a lot of things that we don’t deserve or need, we remain as an item, protecting one another. What we have now is a reminder, for me, of all the happiness I can have in the future if I gather up my strength and continue swimming through everything that tries to drown me. It simply overwhelms me how much love you can feel for one person and how close they feel even though they are hundreds and hundreds of miles away from you.

So yes.
That is the only thing I want to achieve in life.

Here is some icky cuteness from the airport before I left. Forgive my nose, it just tends to flare up like that sometimes =P

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  1. Happiness is a great thing to want from life, and I hope you get it and keep it through-out your whole life.

    New follower from Blogaholic :)
    Can't wait to read more!



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