Sunday, March 25, 2012

30 Days of Truth: Day 7


Day 7: 
Someone who has made your life worth living for

There are many people in my life who make it worth living for — my sister, my closest friends, my little brother. But there is one who stands out the most as to making my life something I cherish and respect and want to continue. That person is my girlfriend. I originally met her by chance but now, and pretty much from the first days of speaking with her, she had brought new light to my life that cast away some of the darkness that had been swarming around me and showed me there were more paths to go along. That it would be hard, but going straight through the bad would prove to be more advantageous than dancing around it and traveling on detours.

We have both gotten through, even though some parts of our lives have been close to deadly. And I guess, knowing the other has been through something similar makes a special connection. I’m not trying to sound corny and talk about soulmates and higher powers putting people together with fancy, glittery wings and wands. I’m just saying I got very, very damn lucky in this life.

We’re similar and different in a rather harmonious and balanced way. We also look alike and have similar names and more than one person has said we ought to be twins. We were apart for nearly a year before meeting each other, and even though our connection had only been through mind and speech and sight and there had been that big geographic gap between us, it was as though we had lived in the same town all that time. As though we had seen each other every day. And in a way, this has been better, getting to know the other from head to toe, in and out before actually being able to lay my head against that other head and press my toes to those other toes that lived on the other side of the planet and liked to wiggle when happy. It’s like the moment your web browser finally opens that page that has been super slow in loading, except you have to multiply that feeling with million and add it’s square root to it and… you know, the works.

I’m very thankful to have my girlfriend in my life. I know that no matter how many mountains we have to climb (be it metaphorical or real) we’ll have the equipment we need and when we run out of them we can carry each other and switch when we get tired.

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