Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cannibalistic Habits

Cannibalistic Habits

Cannibalistic habits
We sleep through emergencies
Revelry in the morning
We didn’t die tonight
We didn’t die tonight,
I steal glances at strangers
I rob moments of privacy
I stare them in the eyes
I’ll make them uncomfortable
Because they sleep soundly
While during the night I scream
And I scream and I scream
And there is no end to it inside
The walls are too tall and my head,
It is curved and separate, it spins
Like the tilted cube on top of a shopping mall
Come buy come buy come buy and become happy
The silence is deaf and the darkness is blind
I see I see I have x-ray vision and I see too much
I curl up into a ball in the dark
I do not exist—
You do not see me so I am not here
You suckle to the shreds of hope stuck in your straw
And press your phone to your ear tight
She will pick up because she is alive
I’ll have you know I’m scared to death
You will receive the words, the sentence
They’ll finally cage the monstrosity
They’ll cure my disease and my desire
For the bottle with the black cork
And I do not sleep for the fear of it
The silence the death the darkness the truth
I cannot do what I want and I cannot I cannot I cannot
I look back and to the sides but my neck is stuck
They are crawling across the ceiling
They lie on top of the table
My heart is growing tired of jumping
The sadness is contagious
The sadness is toxic
I didn’t die tonight
I didn’t die tonight.


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10 Comments So Far:

  1. And thank goodness you didn't. Dark images here. Hope you're well? I must say, I much prefer your new look blog. Very chic and organised. :) X

  2. very powerful read... the darkness is pulling... the word repeating added a creepy twist as well. nice

  3. frantic manic pace to this...there are moments i def see too much...and there are days i just want to curl up and tell it all to go take us with you into that darkness just a bit tonight...nice write...

  4. sometimes we get so stuck in our fear that it feels like it eats us alive...very well penned and tight with emotions

  5. Dark pull to this piece--and full of emotion--well done!

  6. This is wonderful - keep writing - you have a real alive spirit.

    My heart is growing tired of jumping
    The sadness is contagious
    The sadness is toxic
    I didn’t die tonight
    I didn’t die tonight.

    I've felt that way too. -best wishes, Moskowitz

  7. Brilliant, excellent pace and development.


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