Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Things About Me: #6

I have a tendency to being weird and doing weird things and also, liking people who have the same tendency. I don't know how to define weird. I don't think of it as a negative word at all. But I am one weird kid.

Weird things I do: 

I personify things and objects. A lot. I hadn't noticed this before, until a friend of mine pointed it out to me. I'll talk to objects and give them orders. I'll tell a wobbly bottle not to fall over. If there's just one tomato left on the table, I'll put it back in the fridge so that it doesn't get lonely. The list goes on...

I try to sing along to songs on my iPod when I go running. Which makes me pant and groan like an old horse at times. I also have to run to the rhythm of the song. If it's slower I take bigger steps or leaps...

I shave my legs with hair conditioner. My skin hates those foamy things, I'll get a terrible rash. Plus hair conditioner is smoother anyway so it's easier to shave, and it's pretty see-through depending on the product of course. 

I arrange the clothes in my wardrobe by their color. I just think it looks neater. People I know have thought this weird because I might have long sleeved t-shirts and sleeveless tops in the same pile. So? I know what clothes are in which pile on which shelf... 

I read books out loud when I'm alone, usually trying out some accents I very much suck at and I make myself laugh hysterically. It is also similar when I read normally; depending on the location of the story of the nationality of the writer, I read them in different accents in my head. 

I have zero ability to sleep on my back. I always have to sleep on one side, with one knee stuck out and a pillow between my knees and something (usually my teddybear or when I'm at my girlfriend's I curl up around her) to cuddle with. 

I put ketchup on macaroni & cheese. My girlfriend thinks it's weird but I don't know the standard since it is no normal food where I come from so... Is it weird?

When I can't sleep I listen to Coldplay and pretend I'm on a boat or a hammock, something that feels like floating. I also imagine myself levitating above my bed - it means I start losing feeling in my body which means it is relaxing and when I have no feeling at all I am just floating through the room until sleep catches me.

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