Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Post-Traumatic Diary: May 10th 2012

May 10th 2012

It is easy to forget
How to put a watch on your wrist—
I remember only the cold sting
Of the metal against raw skin

I am the ideal patient
Of a superficial psychiatrist,
Be number fifteen on my list
Of unsuccessful diagnosis and—

Pump me full of pills
Pink and blue and white,
Just remember to ditch the gelatin
And the lactose

Yesterday a tram
Could have killed my Mom
Instead it only killed her car
Our precious Audi Daudi

My little brother,
Two years and nine months
Was more concerned about
The back of our car

And his favorite seat, than
The spine of his Mommy
That got a brutal bump
When the tram decided to slap

Our Audi on the butt—
Little man pouts only when you
Speak of needles and blood
He tore up celery when we waited

For Mommy to come back home
And I contemplated my hate
And my horror and disappointment
And felt guilty—

Glancing every five seconds
At the words and moments
Carved into my left wrist,
My tiger-stripe thigh,

Ages, ages ago.

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