Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Will Hear a Train

You Will Hear a Train

You will
Hear a train—
A soft glow
Peering in the

Through the
Smoky exterior
Of 10:45 PM,

Silent all
These years,
Your lungs
Seem to wail
At the

Your insides
Rich with a
Mixture of

Cortisol &
Adrenaline, as
The lilting puff
Scrambles along
The rails,

You will hear
A train, though
You may not want
To see it, the
Purple shade of

Autumn skims
Along the rims
Of cotton swab

Tresses along
The deep indigo
As you cast
A silhouette of

Pale red,
The sensuous
Tremble of
Sounds echo—

You dig your
Fingers deeper
Into cold coat

Every crisp breath
A lyric to
The darkness—

As your booted
Feet saunter
Along the
Edge, flat with


You will hear
A train—
Each clank
An alliteration
To another,

And you think
Of the
Strangest things.

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  1. The whole of this is amazing, i feel it to my core atmosphere and feeling built so well

  2. I've a relative who retired from the Rail Road. I can imagine every lover of trains in those last two stanzas. Well wordled.

    I'm here:


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