Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's OK Thursday #4

It's OK

To be clumsy. Perfect example, was rushing to an exam and didn't notice and extra step on the stairs and fell flat on my face. Possibly cracked a few ribs, x-ray person wasn't sure. Still, hurts like HELL.

To read several books at the same time, not because of your impatience with the story, but with the outpour of feelings you get over plot twists. I was mad at one book so started another.

To sleep with your dance shorts under your pillow because you left them behind while staying at your fiancée's this summer and now, once they've been sent back, they are enveloped with her scent.

To make snarky comments at the news when they speak of the U.S election since you are not allowed to vote but at the same time wish you could since this may be your future home. I'd like to be able to decide for my own body, and marry the woman I love.

To explain thunder to your three-year-old brother as dark clouds crashing together since the real scientific explanation made him too confused.

To drink a pot of green tea before bed and thus have to be in and out of the bathroom all night, irritating the people sleeping in the next room. (Apparently, I walk too loud in my thick socks).

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  1. Oh trust me, we all make snarky comments about the election. Even those of us who can vote. :) Politics are crazy!



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