About Me #2

About Me

Hello there and welcome. I am sincerely thankful for your stepping in. I'd written my last About Me the day I made this blog which, even though still a baby, is a little over a year old (since August 2010). So I figured I needed an update.

I am an 18 year-old student, currently between schools as I write this but most likely starting the AICE Diploma this fall. I'm interested in  Arts & Humanities and Psychology and I adore English Literature so I am going for a degree in one of those and dance. The AICE Diploma is a preparatory programme for University studies, much like the A Levels in the UK. I was originally striving to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma, but life got the best of me with everything that was going on with my family and my health, and receiving little to no support from my school I got out while I could. I'd repeated one year because of my hospitalization period between February and April 2010, and worked my ass off to even get in, but for a girl like me an educational environment like that could have proven almost deadly. I am a fighter, but I suppose the downhill ride started when my supervisor told me to "go home and be sick and then consider getting an education, preferably not in this field."

Okay, enough of my academical struggles...

I have been writing in English since the age of 12, mostly poetry back then and some blind shots at fiction. I am not a native speaker but since beginning my studies in the second grade, it has grown tendrils so tightly around my heart I like to consider it my emotional language. Believe it or not, my writing skills vanish completely when I'm supposed to do it in my first language. I can write non-fiction and essays for school but anything creative always proves too difficult.

I have yet to have the opportunity of getting any of my work published. I have posted poetry  and short fiction in writing communities and received positive feedback but I haven't really gotten lucky yet. Living where I do, I cannot go to publishing agencies here because I write in the wrong language. Be as it may, I'm still growing my wings when it comes to longer works of fiction. I want to be the best I can when I hand my writing out to the publishing world.

My blog tends to be a sort of Mix & Match shop. I use it as an outlet in more than one way and it can get confusing at times, which is why I'm going to be adding a Portfolio section so if you want to see just my writing, you can do that.

Thanks again for stopping by =)
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