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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Your Side of the Bed

Your Side of the Bed

I stare at your side of the bed
The side you never slept on,
And I worry if it has enough

I wish the memory foam
Could somehow detect your body,
So that I could sink into your

I stare at your side of the bed
And cradle dead objects for

Nightly Things

Nightly Things

I miss your weight on my bedsprings—
Bits and pieces of nightly things,
Filtered cries in an inky sway,
Doubtful cheeks of scarlet
On display

To the heir of the moon,
Lost in the gloom, of feathery
Light whispers adrift in the
Wet aura, a hole in the plethora
Of fierce red-eye trains
Pushing south,

The sweet persuasion in my mouth,
Tearing through the pale mesh of
Flesh lodged in my larynx—

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Favorite Things #10

Oh glorious sleep <3

Friday Favorites: 
Fall Break Style

Dark chocolate be yummy.
Berries! Fresh, dried & frozen

Books <3 Finally have time to read.
Tea <3 Green & White (w/ pomegranate) have been faves
Was able to begin my final thesis is Jazz Dance =3

friday favorite things | finding joy

Only In My Sleep

Only In My Sleep

The drapes draw a line of light blue across the white ceiling, the gap minimal but evident as the glow of night pours in. His eyes move fast, left to right; a film of sleep has zipped them tightly together. A slow tick sounds as the alarm clock crawls on through a dark phase of REM-sleep, accompanying the movements of dreams inside his cranium. 

Her auburn hair in the sharp sunlight of that September morning after; that sweet-scented neck he had more than once had the privilege of burying his face in. A hint of a smile appears on his face, rough and tinted, a single dimple on the right cheek. Chilly fingers interlock; whispers in high-alert ears. 

In his mind, he begins to tread carefully across her body once more with feather-light fingertips, reminiscent of diving beneath warm flannel covers, the hot darkness making each touch louder, strident. The sharp breaths and slow giggles, the electric tug of her body upon his.

He retreats to this moment, unaware of his body as it relives every second, awkwardly and carefully turning from one side to the other to see her face, to see that question across her face, that slight shift like the rapid turn of a page. White teeth over dry lips; adorably squinty eyes due to the nightly lack of contact lenses. 


He awakes to the scent.

The ruffled hems of pajama shorts.

Dora the Explorer.


He raises his head, his bearded chin scratching against the flannel-covered tummy, tucked in and away; the pink metallic buttons cold. Sharp breaths, arms wound around Mr. Teddy. 

Of for God’s sake no…

He quickly pulls away, setting the covers back as they were. But her eyes are open, terrified, a thick curled strand of her red hair tucked between tightly closed lips.

He runs his hands through his hair, and runs to the bathroom.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's OK Thursday #3

It's OK
  • To sleep most of the time because it feels like the only thing you can do that doesn't hurt (and you can't get any of it during the night).
  • To eat nothing but Oreos and hazelnut milk for a day
  • To play in the sandbox with your little brother and go home covered in sand...
  • To listen to an audiobook for hours in the middle of the night because you can't sleep but are still too tired to keep your eyes open. 
  • To eat dinner twice.
  • To bombard your best friend with texts (in the middle of the night) about your love life because you just want to tell someone, and let's face it, you've talked about worse things..
  • To let your little brother "chop" celery with his little plastic knife and pull it apart because he wants to be part of the cooking process (and apparently likes to eat raw celery, so it didn't go to waste).

Its Ok Thursdays

Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Things About Me: #6

I have a tendency to being weird and doing weird things and also, liking people who have the same tendency. I don't know how to define weird. I don't think of it as a negative word at all. But I am one weird kid.

Weird things I do: 

I personify things and objects. A lot. I hadn't noticed this before, until a friend of mine pointed it out to me. I'll talk to objects and give them orders. I'll tell a wobbly bottle not to fall over. If there's just one tomato left on the table, I'll put it back in the fridge so that it doesn't get lonely. The list goes on...

I try to sing along to songs on my iPod when I go running. Which makes me pant and groan like an old horse at times. I also have to run to the rhythm of the song. If it's slower I take bigger steps or leaps...

I shave my legs with hair conditioner. My skin hates those foamy things, I'll get a terrible rash. Plus hair conditioner is smoother anyway so it's easier to shave, and it's pretty see-through depending on the product of course. 

I arrange the clothes in my wardrobe by their color. I just think it looks neater. People I know have thought this weird because I might have long sleeved t-shirts and sleeveless tops in the same pile. So? I know what clothes are in which pile on which shelf... 

I read books out loud when I'm alone, usually trying out some accents I very much suck at and I make myself laugh hysterically. It is also similar when I read normally; depending on the location of the story of the nationality of the writer, I read them in different accents in my head. 

I have zero ability to sleep on my back. I always have to sleep on one side, with one knee stuck out and a pillow between my knees and something (usually my teddybear or when I'm at my girlfriend's I curl up around her) to cuddle with. 

I put ketchup on macaroni & cheese. My girlfriend thinks it's weird but I don't know the standard since it is no normal food where I come from so... Is it weird?

When I can't sleep I listen to Coldplay and pretend I'm on a boat or a hammock, something that feels like floating. I also imagine myself levitating above my bed - it means I start losing feeling in my body which means it is relaxing and when I have no feeling at all I am just floating through the room until sleep catches me.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's OK Thursday #1

Hello hello. I have found a new bloghop via KarmaKristin. Thought I would give it a shot. I am very sleepy at the moment so if I make typos or such please forgive me <3

It's OK
  • To read several books at the same time and make sub-plots to them combining characters.
  • To sleep all day and only get up to eat since you had been up for way over 30 hours the previous day/night.
  • To pick up the phone when your therapist calls to see if you're okay but ignoring your phone when your mother calls you.
  • To eat babyfood when you're sick and feel nauseous all the time and it is the only thing you can shove down your throat. Mashed mango and peach FTW.
  • To medicate yourself to be able to sleep.
  • To sleep with two teddybears and a unicorn when you're 18. Who doesn't want something to cuddle with when you sleep?
  • To take time off school when your body and mind are near complete crashing point.

Its Ok Thursdays

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Quite a while ago, I received the Versatile Blogger Award from my lovely friend Shah over at WordsinSync. I've only gotten around to dealing with it now, so here I goooooo. Thanks again Shah =3
Here are the rules:
· Thank and link to the blogger who bestowed the award
· Share seven random facts about yourself (see below)
· Spread the love by passing the award to five other 
bloggers and to let them know

Seven Random Facts about Me:
I twitch uncontrollably in my sleep. My girlfriend did research online and thinks it's because of the antidepressants I eat... Who knows.

I currently have two bracelets, two friendship bracelets and two hairties on my write wrist. Nothing on my left right now.

One of my fingers is slightly curled from the top because it got stuck between the hinges of a car door when I was 7, and it has grown some extra cartilage around the damage since then.

I grind my teeth in my sleep, so I wear a mouthguard/nightguard. Doesn't help much though. Makes me bite down so that I leave lines on the insides of my cheeks. Yippee!

If I am introducing someone to a Vegan diet I always make them some of my Tortilla Soup because well, everyone always loves it. Just ask my best friend and his family. They devoured the whole thing =P

I can't sleep on my back. I always have to sleep on my side, so that I can get my knee out and I need a pillow between my knees so I don't get bruises. 

I have a psychological predisposition to addiction, so I keep myself away from any form of intoxication. Being able to live without medication and self-harm is my first goal, I don't need any more things that my body finds itself addicted to.

And the award goes to...
Brian Miller at WaystationOne
Natasha Head at the Tashtoo Parlour
O. at OliveOh 
Kimberly at the LushLounge
Brooke Becker at Cupcakes&Cucumbers

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorite Things #4

Friendship bracelets

Lady Gaga's tattoos =)

friday favorite things | finding joy

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